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Life is but a moment in time.
Evolving around love - put together by twine.

The Art Of Hope & Love

The Memoir Of A Dreamer
By John Feight

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Chapter Three

Generations In Repetition

We settled into Atlanta, with Linda taking care of Scott, our first son, and preparing for Drew, our second son, to arrive in June 1970.

We had a "team" at Marshalk...four account executives working on the four Coca-Cola soft drink brands. Two of the account men became close friends and impacted my life in different ways.

Bill McIntosh handled Tab. He and his wife Nancy became good friends. A sad turning point came for me when Nancy suddenly died. At age 28, with two young daughters and a hard working husband, she suffered a fatal aneurism.

On the night of Nancy's death, I woke in the middle of the night, and in an effort to comfort Bill through his loss, I wrote this poem.

Generations in Repetition
Trees that were forever green are losing their leaves.
It's the time the young begin to leave.
Nancy has suffered a stroke.
Our generation is becoming folk.
Life is but a moment in time.
Evolving around love - put together by twine.
Mothers die - children cry.
Moments pass - love lives on.
Time will never come when tears cry no more.
The cycle of life beats more, more, more.
Life is beautiful looking up.
Life is sad looking down.
Cry no more. Cry no more. For life is in the mind.
Sadness for a moment is in the soul.
God bless that.


Featured above are three of the eight paintings (5ft. by 8ft.) done to support the poem "Generations in Repetition".

The tree featured in most of the paintings is the tree next to St. Philips Cathedral...on the south side of the church...on Peachtree Road in Atlanta. I was able to paint eight huge canvases in my home and move them around from bedroom to bedroom...I had no studio at the time...they just fit through the doors.

The eight paintings were exhibited at Colony Square to support the poem, prior to being donated to Northside Hospital in memory of Nancy McIntosh in 1973.