John Feight GalleryI want to paint a place in time...the moment.
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Going Home: 4ft x 5ft
Love is...
The strength we need will come from love.
Love will come from giving love.
Love grows on love.
Our strength is in love...not in strength.
The poor, the rich, the ill, the healthy, the weak, the strong...
All of us will find peace through love.
Love comes from love.

Coming Home: 24"x48"

Haymakers: 18"x24"
Amish Home: 12"x14"
Amish Home, Private Collection
Homeward, Private Collection
Life of Sin Barn, Private Collection
Sunflowers Amish House, Private Collection
Sunflowers, Private Collection
Amish Farm in Winter, Private Collection
Amish Farm, Private Collection
Get Ben, Private Collection