John Feight GalleryI want to paint a place in time...the moment.
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Cheetah Look, Private Collection
Shore Rise
At shore rise the world is fresh, forming and unused.
Clouds fly in the sky. Colors change and come alive.
People wander along the beach, walking in nature.
Birds fly low to the earth-searching, searching, searching.
The lone fisherman waddles to the shore in hopes of the catch.
People gather around the fisherman and the world is alone no more
Jinx: 30"x40"
Jinx's puppies: 14"x18"
Brandy and Rocking Chair: 24"x36"
Large Aquarium: 4ft x 5ft
Snow Swan: 4ft x 5ft
Eagle and Canoe, 5ft x 4ft
Spring at Lower Falls, 5ft x 4ft
Hope, 5ft x 4ft
Eagle's Nest, 5ft x 4ft
Crane and Beach
Puddie - U.S. Flag, Private Collection

Blue Heron, Private Collection
Rooster, Private Collection
Eiffel Tower Giraffe, Private Collection
The Paris Three, Private Collection
The Queen's Dog, Private Collection
Cheetah's at Rest, Private Collection