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Cherokee Spirit
Still Life

"Blackie in the Rain"

"Big Canoe Golf Flag"

The Blackie Series, created with Forest Gump in mind, is being offered up to raise money for charities. In a subtle way, Blackie is living a life we live...one that is part of our lives versus being separated out and limited to the woods. Imagine Blackie being part of historic events over the years.

Blackie's next adventure...he wants to be of value...he wants to do something to help somebody ...he wants to be a giver...not a taker.

John Feight, a self-taught artist, captures the passage of time with landscapes and portraits. He has been painting for over four decades. Through his journey as an artist, John started the Foundation for Hospital Art, whose work has created over 35,000 paintings for more than 2,000 hospitals in 193 countries. John's work can be purchased and viewed via appointment only.

Visit John on: YouTube or FaceBook.